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Project 24 - Artists in Residence

Project 24 provides time and space for artists to develop, collaborate, experiment and showcase their work at 2nd Space, Nambour.


Every month we host two new creative residents and a public showing. 


Artists are selected through an application process once per year. Applications open in March 2023. 


Project 24 is an ArtsCoast - Sunshine Coast Council initiative supported by the

Arts and Heritage Levy.

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Residency # 18 - March 2023

Amanda Bennetts

Amanda Bennetts is a Meanjin/Brisbane and Noosa photo-media, installation and moving image artist. Her work is influenced by the medical encounter, drawing from her own knowledge and experience. Throughout her residency, she will use the space to experiment and create an immersive installation that will serve as both a studio and set for a new video work. 

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Residency # 16 - February 2023

Darren Blackman

Darren is a First Nations man of the Gureng Gureng and Gangalu language groups. His multidisciplinary arts practice encapsulates who he is as a contemporary Indigenous Australian. Raised in the mainstream culture of the Sunshine Coast and attending high school in Nambour, he has spent much of his life living in North Queensland and Cape York.

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Residency # 14 - January 2023

Shikani Sargent

Shikani/Smessy is a painter and collage artist whose work is inspired by the hinterlands and the concept of home.  During their time at 2nd Space they will be reconstructing analog collages into a life-size installation exploring themes of home and attachment. 

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Residency # 12 - December 2022

Shyanne Clarke

Visual artist, Shyanne Clarke is experimenting with collaging photography and charcoal together to further develop their sea exploration. Whilst in the space, Shyanne is looking to collaborate with more artists in the region through the development of new works.

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Residency # 10 - November 2022

WIFT QLD - Women in Film & Television 

Activating the space as a screen lab of sorts during the residency with workshops, community and creative development opportunities as the focus. WIFT QLD plan to undertake this residency in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Screen Collective (SCSC). 

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JK_Deep into the blue.jpg

Residency # 8 - October 2022

Jaime Kiss

Enlightened by science, philosophy, history of art, culture, and their own sense of curiosity to observe our time. Jaime's works provoke questions of how we perceive ourselves and the world around us to interpret reality. 

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Residency # 6 - September 2022

Libby Derham

Currently working in Cymatics with Joseph Burgess, Libby is exploring the relationship between watercolour and the visualisation of birdsong through liquid.

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Residency # 4 - August 2022

Sharka Bosakova

Continuing to develop the next stage of my interdisciplinary, collaborative project - UnMasked. Working with Sunshine Coast based artists to evolve the project.


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Residency # 2 - July 2022

Ketakii Jewson-Brown X Shaye Hardisty

Continuing the development of their collaborative project, The Sunshine Coat. Featuring workshops and finding out what makes Nambour, Nambour. 

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Residency # 17 - March 2023

Michelle Bucci

Michelle Bucci is a practicing contemporary dance artist, educator & founder of Dancelab. She is also the creator of the Dancelab Method; a contemporary dance syllabus, designed specifically to promote authentic contemporary dance & safe dance practice. Michelle aims to explore creative development for the Dancelab & collaboration with lighting expert David Rudder.

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Mother tree aerial 2022.jpg

Residency # 15 - February  2023

Eco Trio

Eco Trio has collaborated over the last 3 years performing at Horizon 2020, Floating Lands 2021 and at The Maroochy Botanical Gardens in May 2022 with "Listen... Mother Tree" performance. Consisting of Yanni Van Zijl, Helena Jackson Lloyd and Rosie Lloyd-Giblett are mid career multi disciplinary artists who move between painting, drawing, ceramics, and performance works. 

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Jane-Louise Anderson, Esme and Mary, 2019, Cyanotype on linen, 165cm x 140cm.jpeg

Residency # 13 - January 2023

Mira Chorik, Jane-Louise Anderson & A Maree

Featuring work by Mira Chorik, Jane-Louise Anderson and A Maree, three artists with contrasting practices will come together to create a site-specific body of work. Exploring the absence and presence of the body and an exploration of surfaces, reflections, and personal and projected identity. Their work aims to be a gentle and accessible inquiry.

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Residency # 11 - December 2022

Isabella Hood & Jag Popham

Collaborative dancers, Isabella and Jag are challenging themselves and collaborators to embrace play and explore the most outrageous, mind-bending, ridiculous, obnoxious, imperfect situations we could possibly think of (within the scope of the work). Working towards a new work designed to explore audience responses to confrontation. 

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Residency # 9 - November 2022

Sasha Parlett

Experimenting with projection of film and how it reacts with larger spaces and natural light. Using the space to experiment with filming video content that is space subjective and expanding on their use of artificial light in photography and film.

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Residency # 7 - October 2022

Nicole Voevodin-Cash

The experimentation of ‘what is inflatable’ – where air gives life to something inanimate, the human form can further enhance, grow and metabolise the structures that it connects to.

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Residency # 5 - September 2022

Orlando Mee

Orlando Mee is a multimedia artist working on Narungga land in Wallaroo, South Australia. He makes video art, projection art, web-based works, VR and interactive experiences.

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Residency # 3 - August 2022

Horizon Festival - Looks Like a Tourist

Led by Danielle Constance as part of Horizon Festival in partnership with DANCE.HERE.NOW. Unidentified strangers dressed in inflatable orange suits saturate the landscape, bringing our attention to the complexities of being a visitor in a new place.

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Residency # 1 - July 2022

The Path

Led by Kellie O’Dempsey, The Path is both a workshop and mentorship that guides emerging artists through the development and production of a series of work of their design.

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2ND Space

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