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Project 24 - Artists in Residence

Project 24 provides time and space for artists to develop, collaborate, experiment and showcase their work at 2nd Space, Nambour. Now in its second season, Project24 residency program will feature twenty-four artists or collectives from July 2023 to June 2024.


Season one's featured artists or collectives can be viewed here.


Every month we host two new creative residents and a public showing. 


Artists are selected through an application process once per year. Applications open in March 2023. 


Project 24 is an ArtsCoast - Sunshine Coast Council initiative supported by the

Arts and Heritage Levy.

Hero IMG_7390 Spell Kit cmp landscape Cat Jones 2023 web.jpg

Residency # 24 - June 2024

Cat Jones

Artists Cat Jones and Ingrid Vranken (BE/NL) bring together their knowledge and practices in ethnobotany, metaphysical processes, hauntology, sensory, and participatory art to explore new terrain. 


During this residency, they will be developing 'Spell Kit For Navigating Uncertainty' an instructional artwork that blends practices of spell work with instruments of navigation and the psychology of way-finding to create speculative objects for routing/rooting through uncertain times. 

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Residency # 22 - May 2024

Alex Hardy

As a visual and sound artist, Alex is drawn to the freedom and spontaneity of using randomness, impulsivity, and gesture as integral part of their creative process. Their work is characterised by finding moments of serendipity through gesture and refining them through outside processes.

During the residency Alex is exploring the idea that the romantic emphasis we place on love is detrimental. How the idea of individualism and how that affects relationships; the idea that our romantic ideals of marriage of love are actually quite contradictory. 

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Residency # 20 - April 2024


Blak Print Club is here. An initiative of Blak Creatives and Munimba-ja art gallery , Blak Print Club is a series of mob only print workshops over the month of April.


Artists will be working with lead artist, Yuwaalaraay, Gamilaraay, Kooma/Koama woman, Melissa Stannard through a series of in depth introductory sessions covering everything from eco dyed and cyanotypes to found object print making.

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Dylan Bolger, Wellborn Flag.jpg

Residency # 18 - March 2024

Dylan Bolger

Dylan is a proud descendant of the Maiawali, Karuwali, Pitta-Pitta and Gomeroi peoples. Dylan approaches all his projects by combining his art, culture and technical expertise to deliver unique outcomes. During their residency, Dylan will be developing a new series of works in collaboration with Sam Harrison.

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Residency # 16 - February 2024

Sam Harrison

Sam Harrison is a Brisbane based artist and curator with cultural connections to Kamilaroi and Wiradjuri people of Central NSW. He completed a bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in 2018 from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Sam has worked in a number of creative capacities, as an exhibiting artist, curator, artist assistant and arts teacher for young adults with autism. He has a keen interest in exploring how art functions in urban settings to create healthy, inclusive and enjoyable environments.

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Residency # 14 - January 2024

Jordyn Burnett

Jordyn Burnett, is a visual artist specialising in acrylic paintings, animation and digital illustration. Jordyn uses delicious candy colours and figurative characters to explore socio-political themes, her own experiences with mental health and the mundane. Her work expresses a vulnerability shown through a vomit of colour and cheeky yet dark humour.

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KarinaSharpe-INTERLUDE 2020.gif

Residency # 12 - December 2023

Karina Sharpe

A conceptual artist and object photographer with 10 years of commercial practice. Their work sits predominantly around conceptual and modern still life of plants, objects & body and is usually artistic, textual and tangible, with crisp focus. Their current project, “There’s a Bug in it” intends to explore and photograph the existence of, and our reactions to, insect life within natural floral and botanical arrangements, as opposed to the bug-free expectation of commercial florist bouquets.

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Residency # 10 - November 2023

Nikita Newly

Nikita Newley is a self-taught, second generation artist and proud First Nations woman from all parts of Queensland. Currently living on Gubbi Gubbi Country, Nikita was born on Gurang Gurang Country, with heritage connected to Wuthati tribe and Darumbal people. She found her passion creating art through her emotions and cultural connection.

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Prita Tina Yeganeh_Landscapes From The Homelands_170 x 70 cm, Abrī complex print on silk,

Residency # 8 - October 2023

Prita Tina Yeganeh

Prita Tina Yeganeh is in the MakerSpace, working on the early stage development of a new series of works drawing on their experiences as a refugee in Australia and their journey to reconnect and heal severed relationships to their ancestral homelands. They use Iranian craft traditions to access cultural knowledge and explore traditional modes of language and storytelling within my Iranian-Australian contemporary experience through the tenth-century water mono-printing process of Abri. 

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Residency # 6 - September 2023

Zartisha Davies

Further exploring their work and its connection to their traditional homelands and further growing their connection to country. Zartisha’s work depicts stories from Kabi Kabi country, told by their great grandmother Pauline Davis Née Chilly of the Mooloolaba Chillies. The pictured work titled ‘'Shell Midden' depicts the beginning of one of the first midden being created by Zartisha’s people, with the shells being placed on the midden for the first time.

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Residency # 4 - August 2023

Nadège Philippe-Janon

In the MakerSpace this month is, Nadege Philippe-Janon from Tasmania. An interdisciplinary artist whose work sits somewhere between science, personal narrative, nature and culture. Their work draws from science, nature, culture and personal narrative to examine our physical and learned ways of perceiving, with a particular focus on anthropocentric associations with the more-than-human world. 

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Parrot pashes man_Alison Mooney 2023 _mixed media on board 60cm diam_image Warwick Gow.jpg

Residency # 2 - July 2023

Alison Mooney

In the MakerSpace this month is, Alison Mooney. Discussing things like: What is funny? And exploring a new series of works through portraiture, digital collage and comedy. Typically known for their explorations of colour, movement and curiosity from her studio on the Sunshine Coast, Alison will be venturing into world of portraiture.

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Residency # 23 - June 2024

Ruby Donohoe & Joseph Burgess

Ruby Donohoe and Joseph Burgess are currently in residency with Project24 x FutureNow developing new project, YAK. YAK - short for yakking and chatter - is essentially a chair for many.


The project is a generative work combining interactive sound technology, participatory performance practices, and furniture design. Shaped by the participants as their bodies animate and advance the work through interaction with one another and the physical structure itself.   

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Mieke_van_den_Berg_Swell (1).jpg

Residency # 21 - May 2024

Mieke van den Berg

Mieke is a contemporary artist and placemaker creating site-responsive murals, sculptures, installations, drawings, and performances. Her murals transform public, residential, and commercial spaces into inspiring settings.


During this residency they will be experimenting with materials and processes in the form of installation art, mark making and drawing performance. Responding to the space considering light, sound, airflow, and architecture and create textural interventions that will create an engaging/immersive site for the viewer.

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diaspora the exploria-11 (1) (1).jpg

Residency # 19 - April  2024

Diaspora The Explorer

This residency will support the development of new works for Diaspora The Explorer. 
Psychopomp (conductor of souls) is an experimental project involving intimate collaborations between musicians. It focuses on what's possible in a month-long composition and writing process. This series of collaborations will reveal the small and sometimes spontaneous decisions that will eventually form finished pieces of music with no two experiences being the same. 

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Katina Olsen, Ngarang-wal and Credit Yvonne Huang.JPG

Residency # 17 - March  2024

Katina Olsen

Katina Olsen is a Wakka Wakka Kombumerri dancer / choreographer, who has worked throughout Australia, Canada, UK, USA and Europe. Katina has consistently used her platform to disrupt the stagnated Western canon, performance and academy, she brings focus to elevating First Nations dance methodologies as a vehicle for climate justice. 

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Residency # 15 - February  2024

Kerbside Collective

Kerbside Collective are Aimee and Mark Gray - A creative DIY duo that do all their own stunts.   Our creative life spans across different art forms with a passion for play and exploring endless possibilities.  Our latest project “Eddie Ray Silence of the Jams” was a deep dive into creating an original film - Presented live, with a band. During the residency, are delving deeper into what is possible with the 'Hills Hoist'.  

Develop movement pieces with projection exploring how, as adults, we spark imagination and how we keep it alive.

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Residency # 13 - January 2024

Estefanía Nurit 

An interdisciplinary artist producing, performing and overseeing dance-theatre and music-related performances. Nia is exploring their Quechua indigenous heritage movement styles referencing archival video and dance. The work in development is an attempt for Nia to question their right to share this culture as a distant descendant in both physical and cultural proximity.

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Residency # 11 - December 2023

Ben Tupas

Ben Tupas is an artist, digital producer and educator based on Giabal, Jarowair and Western Wakka Wakka land (Toowoomba, Queensland). Working in the areas of video, photography and graphic design, Ben is passionate about telling human stories with a strong sense of place.

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Residency # 9 - November 2023

Orlando Mee

 Orlando Mee is up from South Australia for a second stage development of their interdisciplinary work 'Khoros Ecos' featuring an immersive multimedia installation involving assembled footage from the coasts natural settings and contemporary dancers.

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Residency # 7 - October 2023


In Studio 3 & 1 is the IndepenDANCE 2023 Sunshine Coast Edition cohort including Asher Bowen-Saunders, Natasha Centra, Janet Donald, Gail Hewton , Bella Hood, Georgia Jackson, Chisaki Utsumi, Aimee Radford, Maisy Robson and Gabriel Rogers.

This residency and development is being led by Phluxus2 Dance Collective.

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Tokyo Rain .jpeg

Residency # 5 - September 2023

Mary Eggleston

Mary is currently working on a second stage development of ‘Tokyo Rain’ after an initial development while in residence in Tokyo, Japan. ‘Tokyo Rain’ is by genre, gothic and downright interdisciplinary with poetic use of language, painted animation, dance, photography and an original soundtrack and soundscape to bring this magical realism, multi-modal new work for theatre to life.

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The BOND_edited.jpg

Residency # 3 - August 2023

Second Echo Ensemble

In Studio 3 this month is, Second Echo Ensemble from Tasmania, in second stage development for 'The BOND'. This is the third work in a trilogy of cross art form investigations. In this work Luke John Campbell, explores our ancient connection to place through geology and the sacred sounds of the human voice. At the heart of Second Echo Ensemble are the artists who make and perform the work. Some live with disabilities, and some do not. 

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The Refinery Logo - Social.jpg

Residency # 1 - July 2023

The Refinery 5.0

The Refinery is an annual creative incubator program that supports independent artists and creative industry practitioners to establish and grow viable and sustainable businesses. 

The Refinery 5.0 cohort will be taking over Studio 3 & 1 to test, make and collaborate as part of the 2023 program.

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